“More in Common” Training in Bala, North Wales

“We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.” – Jo Cox (1974-2016)

IMG-20191211-WA0047 Between 6-13 December 2019, UNA Exchange, in collaboration with BeDiverse, brought together 30 youth workers from 13 different countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, UK) across Europe to the Urdd residential centre, Glan-Llyn in Bala, North Wales, to learn about how we can share our culture in many ways, and recognise not only the differences, but importantly the similarities across the continent.  Read more >

UNA Exchange promotes international message of peace

The Urdd’s Message of Peace and Goodwill is 96 years old this year. This is why the 2018 message is expected to be particularly important. Throughout nearly a century, thousands of young people all over the world contributed to sharing the messages in every possible way. Since the first one, sent in 1922 by pacifist Reverend Gwilym Davies in order to unite the children of the world, many things have changed. The first message did not get much response. Only the director of the Eiffel Tower Station received it, translated it into French and forwarded it. It was then broadcast for the first time on the BBC World Service in 1924. Nowadays, the internet allows messages to really spread all over the world and makes it possible for other countries to access, respond and engage with them much more quickly. UNA Exchange organised a workcamp in 2017 to investigate the history of the message and volunteers will be involved again to spread the message across the Web when it will be made public on May 18th.

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Join an animal welfare programme in Kathmundu, Nepal this Spring

Do you have plans yet for March 2018? Want to go somewhere new and try something different? How about two weeks volunteering in Kathmandu, Nepal with the Community Dog Welfare Kopan? Whether you are a seasoned traveller or looking for your first overseas volunteering opportunity, this programme – a partnership between UNA Exchange and Volunteer Initiative Nepal – offers a fabulous opportunity to meet new people, immerse yourself in another culture, support the work of a not-for-profit organisation, develop yourself and CV and, perhaps best of all, care for a canine community.

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