What is EVSWhat is a medium term project?

Many volunteers are looking to get involved in a project longer than the two weeks offered by a workcamp but also want to be a bit more spontaneous and avoid the application process associated with EVS. This would particularly suit someone who has some experience of volunteering in the UK or in Europe and is looking to take on a bigger challenge

If this sounds like you then MTV/LTV projects could be the option you are looking for

Medium Term volunteering (up to 3 months)

Long Term Volunteering (3 months to one year)

Many organisations have rolling project which means you can come and stay for as long as you like from a month right up to a year. Others will have definite start and finish dates.

What can I do on a MTV/LTV?

The work on an MTV/LTV can be as diverse as any of our together projects such environmental, agriculture, working with children or older people.

One key difference is that instead of working as part of an international team you will be either placed by yourself or with a small group of volunteers. This means that opportunities such as teaching English, working in a school or play centre or possible in the office of an NGO tend to come up more often

Where can I go on a MTV/LTV?

Because the EVS program provides funded opportunities within Europe, many MTV/LTV projects are outside Europe in Asia, Africa, or South America.

Many projects can be found on our main database alongside shorter workcamps but if you are interested in finding a project then get in touch and we can use our network to find something that might be a perfect fit for you.


How much does an MTV / LTV project cost?

The great news is that the cost of an MTV/ LTV is not that much more than for a workcamp.

Registration fees for a MTV/LTV are


Europe, North America, Japan or Korea


1-3 months



3-6 months



6-12 months



However in most cases you will have to pay an additional fee to the host. Depending on the project this can vary from €200 for the project or for longer projects there may be a monthly charge to cover food and accommodation costs.

In all cases you will be responsible for travel to the project and for appropriate travel insurance.


How do I apply?


Search for projects on our regular project database and if you find something you like then follow the booking procedure.

We will also keep this web page up to date with organisations and projects offering this type of opportunity.

Also feel free to contact us to discuss your interests.

If you want to apply for a project in North America, Europe, Japan or Korea fill out this Application form 1 and send it back to Laura, our Exchanges Coordinator ( 

If you want to apply for a project in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central Asia or the Middle East, please use this Application form 2.


You will be required to attend a pre-departure training before joining an MTV/LTV.