Step by Step

About Volunteering

What is step by step?

Step by Step offers supported two-week to two-month volunteer projects with experienced partners across Europe, enabling young people with fewer opportunities to participate in life changing international volunteering projects.

Who is it for?

This programme is for young people aged 18-25 who have fewer opportunities to participate in international volunteering. This may be due to financial and/or social challenges, e.g. young people who are NEET, have disabilities and/or health issues, or are socially or culturally isolated.

You need to be involved with a local youth or community organisation, either as a volunteer, a trainee or participant. Your local organisation plays an important role in supporting you and we need their involvement from the beginning.


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You might assume that everyone lives the same way how you do but in reality is not as they like that.  I saw how different people live their daily life.” 

Claire, taught children in Spain


What can I do?

Step by Step offers a thorough programme of training and preparation to ensure you are ready for the practicalities of independent travel, living and working in a different country and being part of an international group.

A wide range of opportunities are available including environmental work, construction and renovation, working with children and much more.

Where can I go?

We work closely with trusted partners in European countries to ensure you get the very best from your experience. Each year we send Step by Step volunteers to projects in Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Austria, Estonia and more.

I think you learn that there is so much life beyond where you are. I mean you may see someone from a different country on the street and you might say “hello” but to go there and learn and see how they live as well, it really gives you an idea of the world.

Daniel, youth exchange in Spain


How much does it cost?

Costs for volunteer projectsMost of the costs are covered by the EU through the Erasmus+ programme. You will need to contribute £150 but everything else (travel, health insurance, food, accommodation) is then covered.

We can help you with your fundraising activities and suggest some idea, its not as hard as you might think.

Why should I join step by step?

•    Open the door to new opportunities
•    Change your perspective on the world
•    Develop skills that employers want like independence, teamwork, leadership, intercultural understanding
•    Make new friends from all over the world
•    Make  a contribution to the host community
•    Have an amazing time


What is the first step? 

A 2-day project in Wales called Residential Weekend.

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