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Where can you go? A brief overview of North/ South countries and projects.

North / WestAfrica
Type of Project work
Morocco Manual work: gardening, renovation, paving. Study Projects: Crafts and Arabic
Ghana Environmental, construction and cultural
Tunisia Construction, archaeology, environmental
Burkina Faso Construction, social and arts projects
Togo Arts, social, agriculture and construction projects

Southern / East Africa
Kenya Construction work
Zimbabwe Environmental and construction work
Lesotho Construction
South Africa Social and renovation
Mozambique Renovation/construction work
Swaziland Environmental and construction work
South Africa Social and renovation
Tanzania Social, agriculture, environmental conservation
Namibia Construction and game counting
Uganda Construction and agricultural work

Latin America
Ecuador Construction, environmental and social projects
Mexico Environmental and social projects
Honduras Conservation
Guatemala Conservation

South / South East Asia
Indonesia Environmental and social work
India Construction, agricultural and social projects
Bangladesh Planting trees, construction and work with the elderly
Cambodia Renovation and environmental work, teaching English
South Korea Agricultural, environmental, arts, social and construction projects
Thailand Conservation, Environmental and socially based projects
Mongolia Social, arts and environmental work

Please note that the countries and type of work detailed here can change, with projects being cancelled and more becoming available.

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