Welcome to UNA Exchange

Through a range of volunteering in Wales and the world, UNA Exchange promotes and supports international understanding, cultural exchange and community development whilst at the same time enabling volunteers’ personal growth & development. UNA Exchange volunteers always work in partnership with local community groups. At the moment there are opportunities to...

Volunteer Abroad!

We have many International Volunteer Projects in 50+ countries available online. You can look for more details and apply for projects with the search function on the left of this page. We also have a page for special projects that have recently become available. At the moment we really need volunteers on the Japan forest project!  Have a look if you are interested to go to Japan in August!

There are many other projects that need volunteers starting soon! Whether you want to work on forest trails in Arizona, renovate bread ovens in the Auvergne, do environmental work in Japan or search for dinosaur footprints in Spain, UNA Exchange can help! The sooner you apply, the more sure you can be of finding a place on your ideal project - as time goes by the places get harder to find so go for it now!

Volunteer Now!

Whatever time you have, wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do. UNA Exchange has so many different programmes that there's sure to be something to suit you. You can gain so much from volunteering that you can only win.

Documentary Competition 2007!

Your photographs, your words or your videos... enter the 2007 Documentary Competition and help us to promote positive change.  1st Prize is a free International Volunteer Project in Europe to conduct an official UNA Exchange documentary + photographic give aways.

Where in the World? 

Alice Malaiperuman spent 4 months volunteering in Wales in summer '05, as part of a team co-ordinating 2-week conservation projects. She returned to UNA Exchange to work as a staff member between January and May '06, working on conservation and education projects. In June last year Alice set off for India to work in the southern state of Karnataka. You never know where volunteering can lead...