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Travel abroad can be daunting, particularly if you are thinking of 6 months or more. To help overcome this, a first step to EVS has been created. For people who have not really travelled before this could be the perfect introduction, and a way to see if you would like to join a longer project.

The idea is to use a short period overseas as an introduction to volunteering and travel, offering young people a chance to develop their skills and experience, as well as their self -confidence. It is a way to offer young people who would not otherwise be able to volunteer abroad, or who don't feel ready to do it the chance to get going. If all goes well, then you can go on to do a longer project as part of EVS Long Term.

short term EVS

Certain projects included in the programme on the IVP page are available as part of Short Term EVS. The projects are just like any other International Volunteer Project with a group of volunteers coming together from different countries to live and work together. The only difference is that  all travel and preparation costs are paid for. Only certain projects in Europe are available for Short Term EVS.

UNA Exchange helps volunteers find a suitable project and arranges the application. Volunteers receive preparation before they travel and follow up back in the UK. They are asked to evaluate the experience throughout, and encouraged to follow it up with some form of travel, training or longer volunteering overseas.

who is short term EVS for?

The aim of this programme is to help young people who want to volunteer overseas but for some reason are unable to join a Long Term EVS project straight away. This could be financial reasons, or personal reasons. For example, the long term unemployed, people with a criminal record and people with a difficult family background have all been supported as Short Term EVS volunteers.

the benefits

Volunteering is a great way to develop confidence and communication skills, or get some experience which will help with finding work. Short term EVS offers volunteers full support and preparation to ensure that they are ready to travel, and benefit fully from the experience. Projects and group leaders are carefully chosen to be suitable for volunteers, and offer any support they require. The intention is that by volunteering on a short programme the volunteer gains the confidence and experience to be able to go on to join a longer placement in the EVS programme.

Key workers and youth workers are encouraged to put forward young people that fit this profile. We can then propose suitable projects and start the application process. To find out about projects currently on offer through Short Term EVS contact [email protected]