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Oct 01  EVS IN WALES - Wales - Cymru
Wales - Cymru environmental

�EVS in Cardiff was simply incredible. Before leaving Germany I thought I better take a pile of books with me in case I don�t really know what to do in my free time.    I ended up reading 2 and a half of them in the 6 months� There was always something to do: Meeting the local people, meeting other EVS volunteers, parties, discovering the nightlife in Cardiff, spending week-ends in different parts of Wales enjoying the marvellous and beautiful Welsh countryside (especially the coasts), language school and so on�

UNA Exchange � the co-ordinating organisation � did their best to give me all the support I needed. They organised special days where I could meet the other volunteers that came to Wales through the organisation, they organised visits to other EVS-projects and gave me advise in terms of important things like bank accounts, registration at the local surgery, library and language school. I had the feeling that whatever would happen there will be somebody to help me.

Nevertheless EVS I did most of those things on my own and that was really good for I gained a lot of confidence during my 6 months. Also in my project I worked alongside lots of local volunteers; so I had communicate in English and my language abilities improved a lot!

I�m really happy having had the opportunity to do my voluntary service in Wales and I can only recommend it to anybody else��

Marcel Quinten
European Voluntary Service


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