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 MEINCIAU - Wales - Cymru
Wales - Cymru environmental
I am really happy about this project. Meinciau (which was unpronouncable) means a lot for me now!  At the beginning I didn't know that Wales was a country (sorry about that!).. now I realize that Wales is not only a wonderful country... it's a very tiny but unique territory in the world where everything is magic and mystery such as the tales of Merlin surrounded by its castles and stories. Wales is a magical country where everyting may happen.  As MTV leader in Meinciau, Carmarthenshire I learnt not only the language; of course few words which I cannot write down here... ;) ...  I have lots of very cool friends not only locals and residents but also people from all over the world from Canada to Mongolia.  While I was in Meinciau I learnt things that nobody can teach neither in school or in your house.  Definitely, this project changed my life.
Salvador Monroy from Mexico
Medium Term Volunteering (MTV)


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