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Aug 04  GSM 06 HASYURT - Turkey
Turkey environmental

My voluntary project took place in southern Turkey.  It was located in a small village called Hasyurt within the region of Antalya.  On this project we were required to help build a children's park for the local community.  I came from England with a friend by plane and on landing was immediately shockd by two things: the weather (which was admittedly slightly less impressive than we were used to.)  With this in mind we were slightly concerned about what our accomodation would be like, but on arrival we were pleasantly surprised to discover we were to be housed in a hotel.  The hotel was brilliant and any other worries were soon over once we found out that we were having our meals in a restaurant!!

We spent the first weekend meeting the rest of the volunteers, this was really interesting since they came from a wide spread of countries, ranging from France and Spain, to Serbia, Korea and Japan.  The best experience would have to be meeting people from so many different nationalities.  This gave everyone a chance to learn about other people's cultures and societies, as well as a chance to improve communication skills by picking up a few phrases in other languages.  The work itself was quite enjoyable, it wasn't too difficult and it was nice to be able to see the park forming aroung you.  It was a real pleasure to be able to see the children enjoying themselves on completion of the park and made all the time spent working worthwhile. 

The camp leaders were excellent, they were very easy to get along with, and came up with a wonderful selection of trips and excursions to keep us occupied in our spare time.  One of my favourites would have to have been the boat trip when we went along the coast, stopping regularly to allow us to swim in the beautiful clear sea.

I would certainly recommend taking part in volunteer camps, especially in Turkey where the locals were so friendly and welcoming, and I look forward to going on another one next year!


Andrew Bentham
European Voluntary Service


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