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Jan 2005 Everyone loves getting down and dirty

The weekend of 21st-23rd January  was a successful and hopefully historic weekend for UNA Exchange. That�s because this weekend was the first full weekend workcamp and it was a resounding success. A great time was had by the volunteers at Afan Argoed Country Park, who despite the pouring rain, and in many cases a pounding hangover, managed to clear and clean a path that was built by volunteers on a summer camp at Afan three years ago. Many of the volunteers had no experience or knowledge of UNA Exchange before this camp, but everybody has now had their first taste of the UNA love, and suffices to say that they are now thoroughly hooked. Who says that getting up at 7.30 on a Sunday morning to go and work outside in the cold should be bad thing? Common sense, that�s who, but for once its common sense that was wrong. Hopefully this newly established tradition will go fro strength to strength, increasing the number of those sharing the UNA love for years...................... Keep tuned for more updates from UNA Exchange�s dirty and muddy weekends

     From everyone�s favourite and barely intelligible Scotsman,


Martin Avila

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