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Medium Term Volunteering

The MTV (Medium Term Volunteering) projects available in 2006 last between 1 and 12 months and include projects in a number of countries in Europe, Korea, Mexico, Thailand and India. 

To view our programme of Medium Term Voluntary Projects click here

In addition to those in the Project List we have received further Medium Term Projects from our Partners. For more Projects and Programmes click below on the country of your choice.

Main Programme:

Italy (3 projects)

Iceland - new!

Iceland - new!

To apply for projects with our partner organisation in Iceland please send the documents they request, with your Volunteer Exchange Form, to us at [email protected]

North South Programme:


Mexico - new!

You can do intensive Spanish courses with our partner organisation in Mexico before this project (or any project in Mexico) starts. This is one of the least expensive ways to do a full time language course. See the searchable database or contact the office for more info.

In addition to the MTV programme, there are 6-12 month projects available under the EVS (European Voluntary Service) programme, see EVS long term page.

If you find a project that you would like to apply for you should complete a Volunteer Exchange Form and send it to us with the appropriate fee. You will find the form and details of how to apply on the apply page. If a CV or letter of motivation is required by the project host you should send this at the same time. We hope to be able to confirm your placement on a project within two weeks of receiving your application.

If you can't find a suitable MTV project you can combine more than one International Volunteer Project in the same region. Or you could follow a volunteer project with some independent travel. Many volunteers do this so you are quite likely to meet other volunteers who you can travel with after your project.

The fee payable to UNA Exchange on application for an MTV project is �110 for members and �130 for non members for projects in Europe, North America, Japan or South Korea, and �120/�140 (members/non-members) for projects in the rest of Asia, Africa or Latin America. You are also responsible for your travel costs to and from the project, for your travel insurance, and for the cost of obtaining a visa if necessary. You will receive food and accommodation for the duration of the project and on some projects volunteers receive a small amount of pocket money.




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