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Whilst UNA Exchange specialises in short term volunteer projects of 2-3 weeks, there are increasingly more projects enabling volunteeringfor between 1-12 months. These projects vary immensely with the type of work involved and volunteering conditions.

There are three main categories:

European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme
Office MTV's
'Other' projects.

(The 3 programmes are detailed below)

European Voluntary Service (EVS)

The European Voluntary Service programme is an exciting new initiative set up in 1999 enabling people between the ages of 18 to 25 from European countries to volunteer for 6-12 months on a project together with local people in Wales and vice versa. Projects can include protection of the environment, renovation of historic buildings, arts projects and community work. Programmes are designed to provide maximum benefit and support to all involved, build relationships between hosting projects as well as with UNA Exchange.

UNA Exchange is the sending organisation for people living in Wales and for those from anywhere oin the UK with experience of working with Voluntary Service. Outside Wales you will need to contact the Connect Youth International on 0207 389 4030 to obtain the contact address of your nearest sending organisation. The programme for 2001 in Wales will be hosted by five local organisations providing varied six-month long projects starting in April. This year we will have seven European volunteers working alongside local people.


During the busy volunteering 'placement' period several of our international partners need extra help with the applications from national volunteers going overseas and international volunteers being placed on projects in their own country. MTV's (Medium Term Volunteers) are volunteers with previous international volunteering experience, office skills and a good working knowledge of the relevant language (usually French or German). Placements normally begin on the 1st April and continue through until August or September. Placements cost 90 paid nearer the time. To apply to work with one our partner organisations during 2002 please send a letter of motivation and CV to UNA Exchange. (Applications will be considered during November and December 2001).

Other Projects

Other projects cover longer-term voluntary opportunities with partner organisations in countries outside Europe including Mexico, Russia and Japan. Projects vary between 1-12 months. The eligible age is 20 and over and the cost is 100 members/120 non-members.

For more information on medium term volunteering opportunities please contact Jirka Peska (Email) or go to the contact page using the link below.

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