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Code: HUJ13-12
Country: Armenia
Region: Hrazdan
Title: Hrazdan
Start date: 02 August 2012
End date: 16 August 2012
Project type: Construction
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: HUJ
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: Hrazdan Stadium is situated on an incline leading to the picturesque canyon of Hrazdan river which divides the city into two parts. Thanks to the exact architectural decision the stadium and the sport-complex have become an original component of the architectural harmony and dynamically fulfills to the beautiful landscape. The stadium has been renovated recently. Volunteers help with painting, cleaning up and maintaining the territory of the stadium. Please note that this project is working with the Armenian diaspora.
Location: Hrazdan Stadium, Yerevan
Accommodation: Volunteers will live in the building on the territory of the stadium.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Zvartnots. ; STUDY THEME : N/A. ; SPECIAL REMARKS : Volunteers should bring games, songbooks, and ideas for concerts to be organized on the last day of the workcamp. You should also be prepared to share something from your country like a national song, dance or recipe. ; EXTRA FEE : N/A.

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