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Code: LUNAR05-12
Country: Italy
Region: Poggio Moiano
Title: symphony of flowers
Start date: 19 June 2012
End date: 02 July 2012
Project type: Cultural
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: Lunaria
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: The Infiorata is considered as a very important event by the local community. Pictures made from flowers create a floral carpet for the Corpus Christi procession which later is trampled on by the parish priest during the procession throughout the village. On 19th June volunteers will be welcomed to the project. On 20th June you will receive further information on how to pick up flowers and will watch some videos about the territory and about the previous editions of the Infiorata. From 21th June you will start to pick up flowers in the surrounding countryside and on the closed mountains. Before real work starts, youngsters will have the possibility to make a trail of flowers. Volunteers will have the possibility to interact with other groups of decorators both during the picking up and the flowers preparation. They will work about 5 hours per day, in the afternoon or early morning so to skip the hot sun. Volunteers will work on the realization of the flowers carpet together with hundreds of decorators from the surrounding areas and from all over Italy. Moreover, volunteers will have free access to the public swimming pool during the whole workcamp duration.
Location: Poggio Moiano is a small and quiet village but with very active citizens
Accommodation: Volunteers will cook on their own. Volunteers will sleep on the floor so a sleeping bag is needed.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Rome ; STUDY THEME : N/A. ; SPECIAL REMARKS : A motivation letter is required along with your application form. Volunteers should bring a sleeping bag.. ; EXTRA FEE : N/A.

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