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Code: SFERA-08-12
Country: Russian Federation
Region: Krasnoyarsk
Title: Expedition Field Camp The Kings' Valley 2
Start date: 03 July 2012
End date: 29 July 2012
Project type: Archaeology
Ages: 18 - 30
Partner organisation: SFERA
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: Archeological excavations and geographical studies under the guidance of professional historians, archeologists and geographers. About 100 volunteers will work together on this site of historical importance where monuments and objects dating back to the Stone Age have been found.
Daily life on the project also includes research and education activities (excursions, lectures, meetings, lessons in different languages), cultural events and entertainment (discos, festivals and performances), sports classes and competitions.
Location: The Krasnoyarsk Territory, in a region that is unique and extraordinary in its beauty and natural resources. Five geographical zones are found nearby, including alpine meadows, tundra, forest-steppe and desert.
Accommodation: Participants will live in in tents in special expedition field camps equipped with everything needed for life and work. There is a field kitchen, bathing tents, medical and rescue teams.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Moscow. Onward travel to the project site is organised by the project host. ; STUDY THEME : Archeology and Geography. ; SPECIAL REMARKS : 0Participants should be ready to live and work in the field, taking into account that the project takes place in an area where the temperature can range from 5 degrees Celsius at night to 45 degrees in the day. Participants should want and be able to work in a team. Participants MUST have a health certificate to confirm that they are healthy enough to participate in the project and must write in their application if they have any chronic diseases or allergies. Medical insurance is necessary. ; EXTRA FEE : n/a. IMPORTANT participants on this project should be vaccinated against the encephalitic mite before 07-05-2012.

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