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Code: LUNAR06-13
Country: Italy
Region: Enna
Title: Rural Sicily
Start date: 25 June 2013
End date: 08 July 2013
Project type: Other
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: Lunaria
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £210.00 find out about costing
Work: Volunteers will work in different farms in the area, assisting farmers in their daily activities such as milking cows or sheeps, harvesting, cutting and collecting wood, cleaning stables, transforming milk into cheese, cleaning vegetable gardens and collecting fruit and vegetables. Volunteers will work 6 hours a day - 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. The farmer will provide volunteers with food for lunch and/or dinner.
Location: The workcamp is located in Enna, a historical town located in the centre of Sicily Island. Enna is famous as the highest upper-town of Italy as it’s 992metres on the level of the sea, allowing people to have an amazing view of the surrounding area. The main camp for volunteers is the rural house 'Villa d’Arte - La Rosa dei venti' situated in one of the most peaceful countryside area in the province of Enna.
Accommodation: Volunteers, along with the staff, will cook in the kitchen of the house; food will be provided by the staff. Volunteers will be staying in a rural house sharing a room with 4 or 6 people. Indoor toilets and showers are available.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Palermo Trapani Catania ; STUDY THEME : n/a ; SPECIAL REMARKS : n/a ; Extra Fee : 20 Euros

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