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Code: VFP04-13
Country: United States
Region: Vermont
Title: Bicycle Trail Building
Start date: 12 August 2013
End date: 27 August 2013
Project type: Environmental
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: VFP-USA
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £210.00 find out about costing
Work: Explore the forests and villages of the Vermont countryside. We are building a network of bicycle/pedestrian trails that will go across the entire state - connecting small towns, their schools, and the natural areas in between - providing a safe, healthy alternative to driving in cars. You will help build a new piece of the trail in a primitive forest area, and help repair damage from historic floods of 2011. The work is hard, heavy physical labor - including carpentry, building walls with large stones, and digging ditches, you WILL get muddy. But the work is satisfying too - at the end of each day you will see you have really made a difference!
Location: We are working in a rural part of Vermont with a mixture of small towns and wild forests. We will be working in the woods; however we will be near to several small towns including Montpelier, which is the capitol of Vermont with restaurants, theater, etc.
Accommodation: We will camp in tents in the forest. The camp has no electricity, no running water, and no flushing toilets. We will be able to take showers just three times during the camp. No alcohol is allowed at the housing. 11 PM curfew. We cook food together. Group gear (tents, cooking utensils) are provided. You bring sleeping bag and personal items.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Montpelier, Vermont. Easily accessible from Boston, Montreal, or New York City. ; STUDY THEME : Guest speakers will introduce us to the wild plants and animals that live in the area. ; SPECIAL REMARKS ; Desire to camp outside, work hard, get dirty, have fun, and make a visible difference! ; EXTRA FEE : N/A

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