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Code: IBG20-13
Country: Germany
Region: Baden-Wurttemburg
Title: Stuttgart
Start date: 29 July 2013
End date: 06 August 2013
Project type: Cultural
Ages: 18 - 30
Partner organisation: IBG
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £210.00 find out about costing
Work: Volunteers will take part in one of the 'Umsonst & Draussen' (free of charge & outdoors) festivals, and this will be the first time Stuttgart has invited a workcamp. Volunteers will prepare, work through in different capacities, and help clear up at the end of the festival. Work hours will be long and unusual, and of course you will be surrounded by music! Basic German would be helpful, but not essential.
Location: The festival is within Stuttgart, the capital of Badem-Wurttemburg in South Germany. It's the sixth largest city in Germany, so volunteers can find plenty of things to do before and after the workcamp and during free time if the host is ok with volunteers leaving the festival site.
Accommodation: During the first few days the group will be hosted in a cultural centre in Stuttgart where you have a kitchen, sanitary facilites and one room to sleep. On the third day, you will move to the festival site. There you will sleep in tents - please bring your own tent! Food will be served in the festival canteen throughout the day. Sanitary facilities are available, but be aware of festival standards!
Special remarks: TERMINAL : EITHER; Frankfurt or Stuttgart. ; MEETING POINT/NEXT TRAIN STATION : Stuttgart. ; STUDY THEME : N/A. ; SPECIAL REMARKS : Volunteers must bring their own tent for when they are at the festival where conditions will be basic, and a motivation letter should be sent along with applications. ; EXTRA FEE : N/A.

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