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Code: CJM3-14
Country: Morocco
Region: Oriental
Title: Nador/Karia Arekmane
Start date: 03 August 2014
End date: 17 August 2014
Project type: Other
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: CJM
Training Required: Yes find out about training
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £210.00 find out about costing
Work: CJM is organizing a workcamp in collaboration with the delegation of Ministry of education. The work consists of gardening and painting the classrooms and frescoes in a school. Volunteers will work 5 hours a day. The work will be supplemented with other activities which will be undertaken by volunteers themselves: outings, family visits, cultural entertainment, sports, visits to historic monuments etc.
Location: Nador is a city on the Mediterranean coast, East of Morocco. 135 km to west of Oujda, situated on a big lagoon called Marchica, its population is about 300 000.
Accommodation: In a school in Arekmane.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Nador Train Station. ; STUDY THEME : n/a. ; SPECIAL REMARKS : Bring a sleeping bag. ; EXTRA FEE : 45 Euro to be paid on arrival.

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