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Code: VSA1508
Country: Thailand
Region: Chang Mai, North West Thailand
Title: Intercultural and Language Camp - Chang Mai
Start date: 10 August 2015
End date: 22 August 2015
Project type: Education
Ages: 18 - 99
Partner organisation: Voltra
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £210.00 find out about costing
Work: Volunteers will work as english teachers with both primary and secondary pupils at a boarding school for poor pupils from various ethnic tribes. They will use their own experiences and games to aid their teaching and communication with the pupils.
Location: Rajapachanukroh 31 School, A. Mai Cham, a rural school about 120Km from Chang Mai.
Accommodation: Volunteers will have their own room either at the school or in a teachers house, they will eat at the school.
Special remarks: EXTRA FEE: 9,000 Bhat

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