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NB: The information below has been written by the people who run the project.
Please bear in mind that English is often not the first language of those who run the projects.

Code: VIVE26-11
Country: Mexico
Region: Colola
Title: Sea Turtle Preservation Colola Xi
Start date: 22 February 2012
End date: 09 March 2012
Project type: Environmental
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: VIVE Mexico
Training Required: Yes find out about training
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £175.00 find out about costing
Work: This project has been running for over 14 years with the help of hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. It is the source of many beautiful stories. The aim of the project is to protect the marine turtles working in tight collaboration with the local population who lives in Colola Town or as they say 'the place where dreams come true'. Volunteers will learn the methods of protecting turtles which helps to ensure their survival for future generations. Volunteers main activites consists of patrolling the beach at night, finding the adult turtles, collecting the eggs, burying them in a secure place and setting the baby turtles free back in to the ocean. This must be carried out by night since turtles do not go out the ocean by day. This project is perfect for volunteers who like nature and spending time on an astonishingly beautiful beach far away from hotels and tourists. Volunteers will witness the magic of nature!
Location: Colola is located in the pacific coast of Mexico.
Accommodation: Volunteers will stay at the turtle camp in Colola which is a wooden construction made of coco palm trees. There are wooden beds, a kitchen, a rustic bathroom and just enough electricity to light some lamps. it is necessary to bring sleeping bag and roll-up mattress.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : The biggest closest international airport is in Mexico City. ; SPECIAL REMARKS : The official language of the project is English, however some Spanish would be appreicated. ; STUDY THEME : Vive Mexico also run intensive spanish courses in Morelia. For more information about these courses, please contact the office before applying. ; EXTRA FEE : 180 Euros payable on arrival

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