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Code: YCCBT02-11
Country: Macedonia
Region: Republic Of Macedonia
Title: Art Festival
Start date: 20 August 2011
End date: 30 August 2011
Project type: Cultural
Ages: 18 - 30
Partner organisation: Youth Cultural Centre-Bitola
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: This year Bitola Open City Festival will hold the jubelee tenth edition of the Festival. This will consist of a rock concert, graffiti gallery, rollerblading competition, street theatre, workshops and jam sessions. Volunteers will help with the logistics, preparation and general running of the Festival. Work will depend on the day but they will not work more than 3-4 hours a day. This is a great opportunity for volunteers interested in music and event management!
Location: Bitola is a city in the South-West part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is located in the southern part of the Pelagonia valley, surrounded by the Baba and Nidze mountains, 14 km north of the Medzitlija-NĂ­ki border crossing with Greece. It is an important junction connecting the south of the Adriatic Sea with the Aegean Sea and Central Europe.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in student dormitories near the centre of Bitola.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Skopje ; SPECIAL REMARKS : n/a ; STUDY THEME : Volunteers will have creative workshops and will prepare short artistic performance which will be part of the festival's program. ; EXTRA FEE : 20 Euros, payable on arrival.

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