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NB: The information below has been written by the people who run the project.
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Code: KVDA/STV/05/A-11
Country: Kenya
Region: Mt. Kenya region
Title: Credo Children Home
Start date: 04 May 2011
End date: 25 May 2011
Project type: Construction
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: KVDA
Training Required: Yes find out about training
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £175.00 find out about costing
Work: The Credo ChildrenÂ’s Centre- Kiaragana is a charitable childrenÂ’s institution dedicated to protection and care mainly to children from the streets, orphaned and those who are vulnerable from within and outside Embu community who find themselves in susceptible situations that put their lives and their future at risk.

The institution endeavours to facilitate rehabilitation through provision of education, care and protection in a humane and loving environment in which the children under its care can thrive to become mature and responsible adults. This is made possible through the support of its parent organization THE CREDO FOUNDATION in conjunction with donors, sponsor, volunteers and other well wishers.

Volunteers will work for six hours daily from Mondays to Fridays. They will be involved with members of the community on construction / renovation activities at the Children Center alongside together with several other educational activities including community visits and adaptation to challenges of development. Volunteers are advised to carry work cloths including rubber gloves, boots , sandals, rain coat, umbrella, torch, sleeping bags , mosquito repellant, sunscreen lotion , donations of every kind and official cloths for special occasions etc . A personal first Aid kit is also essential.
Location: Situated in Mt. Kenya region- 4 hrs drive from Nairobi
Accommodation: Accommodation will be in classrooms at the school with two separate rooms for male and female. This will be in a work camp set up where there are no beds and they will sleep on the floor on their mats and sleeping bags to experience complexities of development challenges in rural Kenya.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi ; SPECIAL REMARKS : Orientation day on 3rd of May 2011. ; STUDY THEME : n/a ; EXTRA FEE : 300 Euro, This fee will include Airport Pick Up and drop off after the work camp, one day full board accommodation during the orientation day, fares to the project and back, food, facilitation, certificate of participation and will cater for Administrative costs as well.

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