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Code: SJ89-11
Country: France
Region: Clausonne Abbey
Title: Clausonne Abbey 1
Start date: 20 August 2011
End date: 28 August 2011
Project type: Construction
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: Solidarites Jeunesses
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: Clausonne abbey was built in the 12th century, a few kilometres away from the actual village of le Saix, in the south Alps of France. It is located at alt. 1100m in a very preserved and quiet environment. Throughout the centuries, the abbey was burnt, destroyed and rebuilt many times. At the beginning of the 20th century, it had become the local parish. Some years later, the main part was finally transformed into a primary school... Since then, the villages around have been deserted and the abbey came to ruins. Many workcamps were organised in partnership with a local organisation, ‘The Abbey of Clausonne’s friends’, in order to protect the ruins from vegetation and hard winters. The aim of 2011 workcamp is to carry on with the protection of the ruins and to improve the landscape around the abbey. The volunteers will explore traditional techniques of masonry and old “know how”. This workcamp is also a good opportunity to discover the rural lifestyle, the mountains, its fauna and flora.
Location: 30 km from Gap, 200 km from Marseille
Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in dormitories, at the Faï international centre
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Airport: Marseille / Train : Veynes Devoluy ; SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS : None ; STUDY THEME : None ; EXTRA FEE : None.

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