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Code: ELIX21-11
Country: Greece
Region: Andros
Title: Andros 4
Start date: 24 August 2011
End date: 09 September 2011
Project type: Environmental
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: ELIX
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: The municipality of Andros has an extended network of footpaths, spreading in a wide area, that have been signalled and chart – mapped by the Cyclades prefecture and the Municipality. Local and tourists ramblers often wander in this footpaths’ network for the extra reason that, due to the landscape, it is not possible, in most cases, to create routes for vehicles. Volunteers will work under the guidance of locals in order to clean, conserve, renew the signals and, generally, to highlight some of the most important footpaths of old times, which used to be the main routes of communication among the villages and ports of the island.
Location: Andros is the northern island of the Cyclades complex, a little smaller than Naxos. Its surface covers 380 m2. The trip to the island from the port of Rafina (around 1 & 1/5 from Athens) lasts about 2 hours. Visitors arrive at the port of Gavrio and need 36 km in order to reach the capital, Chora. Chora was built on a peninsula and ends up in a small island, on which there is still a medieval fortress.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in Chora’s (the capital of the island) High School. There are toilets, showers (no hot water) and a kitchen. Sleeping bag and carry mat are necessary.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Athens international airport ; SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS : None ; STUDY THEME : None ; EXTRA FEE : 30 euros payable on arival at the project.

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