Terms and Conditions

UNA Exchange Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE - Due to an agreement with our international partners, we can only process applications from volunteers currently resident in the UK. Nationals of other countries living in the UK can apply through us. If you are resident in another country please visit out partner information page to find an organisation where you are.

Conditions of Participation (please read carefully before you apply)

1.    Volunteer applications will be accepted on the understanding that the volunteer is aware that they are volunteering and have undertaken this application of their own free will.

2.    Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, unless a specific project states otherwise.

3.    UNA Exchange cannot accept any responsibility or liability for changes or cancellations to placements as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control including (but not limited to) war, national emergency, flood, earthquake, fire, terrorism or threatened terrorism, or any other event or circumstances that constitute a “force majeure”.

4.    UNA Exchange shall not be liable to volunteers in contact, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by the volunteer.

5.    Volunteer applications will be accepted on the understanding that volunteer is aware of the risks involved in this kind of volunteer placement, including inconvenience, discomfort and possibly illness. It is the conditions of joining our volunteer programmes that volunteers acknowledge and accept these potential challenges.

6.    Health and safety standards on projects overseas are the responsibility of our partner organisations and standards may differ from the UK norm. If volunteers decide to do a project, they should understand that they are taking full responsibility for their decision to travel.

7.    Information we give volunteers about specific projects has been prepared by our partner organisations and is subject to change. UNA Exchange cannot be held responsible for any changes made to project details, although we will try to notify volunteers of any significant changes as soon as possible. Further information we provide regarding the project is also the responsibility of our partners.

8.    The international partner organisation of UNA Exchange is obliged to provide all volunteers with adequate (at minimum dry and warm) accommodation, water, food and washing facilities. The local project host/organiser should provide work tools, supervision, transport, basic emergency aid and provision for accidents.

9.    An application fee is payable to UNA Exchange, for each project, at the time of application. £30 of this is a non-refundable administration fee that is automatically deducted from all international project applications.

10.    All travel costs and arrangements to and from the project are the responsibility of the individual volunteer.

11.    Volunteers must be ready to share their time and energy with the group to help the project succeed. This requires common sense, patience, compromise and above all a good sense of humour.

12.    Volunteers must arrive on the first day of the project and stay for the whole duration. If a volunteer wishes to leave early, this must be agreed with the project leaders/organiser on arrival.

13.    By participating in an international volunteer project volunteers agree to photographs and video recording being taken at the project and used for promotional purposes. Volunteers should contact UNA Exchange during the application process if they would prefer not to appear in promotional materials.


1.    UNA Exchange is not responsible for insuring volunteers. We require all volunteers to take out separate and full insurance cover before joining their project. We advise volunteers to purchase a policy which includes at least £10 million cover for health and repatriation costs.

2.    It is the responsibility of individual volunteers to purchase insurance and to ensure cover meets their requirements.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions, volunteers are agreeing to take out adequate insurance cover.

3.    UNA Exchange takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury encountered as a result of volunteers travelling uninsured or underinsured.

4.    UNA Exchange endeavours to ensure that projects listed on our website/programmes are not in areas where current Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidelines advise against travelling. However, UNA Exchange is unable to give advice on the safety or security status of any country or region and the inclusion of projects in our programme does not imply that we are recommending any country or region as safe to travel in. Please go to the Foreign Office website: www.fco.gov.uk for more information.

Cancellations and Refunds

By the Organisation:

1.    If volunteers have a place confirmed on a project and it is then cancelled by the international partner organisation, UNA Exchange will do its utmost to find the volunteer a place on an alternative project. However, if this is not possible, volunteers will receive a refund of the money paid (minus the £30 non refundable application fee).

2.    If all choices of a project are full and volunteer is not able to accept any alternative, a refund (minus the £30 non refundable administration fee) will be given.

3.    Cancellation by the international partner organisation does not happen very often, but unfortunately is sometimes unavoidable. If the volunteer wants to book travel tickets before receiving final travel details, they are strongly recommended to take out travel insurance at the same time. Volunteers are encouraged to check the small print on any travel tickets as not all insurance companies will refund in the case of cancellation. UNA Exchange regrets that it cannot be held responsible for refunding volunteers for any financial loss due to a project being cancelled.

4.    Membership fee is distinct from a project application fee and is non-refundable.

By the Volunteer:

1.    UNA Exchange do not usually refund application fees following a cancellation by a volunteer once they have applied or been accepted for a project by the international partner organisation. If however, a cancellation is due to circumstances beyond the volunteer’s control (eg. serious illness), we will consider a full or partial refund.

2.    A change of choice of project is dealt with in the same way as a cancellation.

3.    Think carefully before applying for a project: as soon as the placement procedure begins it is difficult to change. Another full application fee will have to be paid for a complete change of project choice.

4.    UNA Exchange are not able to refund in cases where travel arrangements, including visas and inoculations cannot be made for that country/time due to cost or availability. It is the volunteer's responsibility to research travel before applying.

5.    It is essential that volunteers inform UNA Exchange immediately if they wish to cancel a project placement. UNA Exchange needs to inform the international partner organisation as soon as possible.

6.    If for any reason a volunteer decides not to accept a place for which they have been confirmed they should inform UNA Exchange immediately.

Definition of terms

International Partner Organisation:  An organisation, similar to UNA Exchange, in another country which is responsible for placing volunteers onto projects. They are usually a national organisation providing a co-ordination role for a number of projects in their country. They are responsible for ensuring that the local project host/organiser is able to provide suitable accommodation, work and project leader(s) where appropriate.

Project Host/Organiser: The person(s)/organisation responsible for setting up, running and supporting the project that you take part in. They are usually a local/community organisation that has identified the need for volunteer help and has liaised with an International Partner Organisation to set up the project you are joining.