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UNA Exchange provides volunteering opportunities from between two weeks and twelve months long in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Volunteering Abroad

You’re at our homepage so it’s a fair bet that you’re interested in volunteering abroad....

If you like the sound of it, but your funds are a bit tight then don’t leave just yet! While our programmes in far flung countries like Vietnam and Botswana are amazing, you will need a bit of cash behind you for travel, visas, vaccinations, etc.

But wait - we also have an incredible array of volunteering projects across Europe, and you only need to spend a fraction of the cost. Some of the projects are absolutely amazing – how about working at a Viking Festival in Iceland or renovating paths in the Italian Alps? Cost wise, if you wanted to join a two week project in Italy you could get there for around £100 return, plus a contribution of £150 to UNA Exchange – total £250, that’s all, for a great two weeks.

UNA Exchange is a not for profit registered charity. We have thousands of projects available worldwide. Why not check out some of the links before to start looking for your ideal placement abroad.

International Volunteer Projects (from two to four weeks).
Medium / Long Term Placements (between one and twelve months).
European Voluntary Service (EVS) (European funding).

   How to apply for projects abroad (excluding EVS):
Choose your project using our project search function one the left of this page
   2. Apply online 
   3. Pay either online or by cheque (costs
   4. Once we receive both the application and payment, we can proceed with the placement.
       We will always try to get you placed on your first choice project. Volunteers who add 
       more than one project to their application will have a greater chance of being placed

* If you can’t be placed on any of your project choices then we will issue you with a full refund.

Last but not least why not have a look at our FAQ section for volunteering abroad.


-For enquiries about volunteering abroad please contact either Owain or Elena
-For enquiries about volunteering in Wales please contact Vicky.
-For enquiries about EVS please contact Georgie or Sarah.


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