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UNA Exchange (formally known as UNAIYS) is an independent charity based at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

about una

We are a non-governmental and non religious organisation, specialising in short term International Volunteer Projects (IVPs) which provide the means to achieve our wider ideals of peace,through international understanding and community development. UNA Exchange has approximately 600 members and 4 full time members of staff.

Our aims and objectives
Promote international
understanding through
voluntary service

Enable young people to encounter and understand different cultures

Assist with community

Encourage the concept of voluntary service as a means of
encouraging peace,
equality, democracy
and international

Provide opportunities
for the people of Wales
to become aware of
international issues

history &

UNA Exchange's means of fulfilling these aims are through International Volunteer Projects (IVPs).(click on International Voluntary Projects for more information)

The first International Volunteer Project (IVP or "workcamp" or "peacecamp") was established at Verdun in 1920 on the ex-World War I battlefield (where only 4 years earlier over 1 million soldiers were killed). The project included ex-servicemen from France and Germany who came together to build refugee homes for the local population. The ideas of the first project - reconciliation and the building of a new world inspired the 'workcamp movement', which has grown to global proportions involving thousands of people each year.

UNA Exchange evolved from UNA (United Nations Association) Wales and was established in 1973, to organise and promoting international youth work in local communities. International Volunteer Projects provide services to local communities to carry out tasks that would not otherwise be possible. Projects are organised on a local basis by the community that have recognised and identified a specific need. Communities then contact an IVP organiser such as UNA Exchange or another partner organisation.

UNA Exchange is part of a wide international network of independent agencies. We receive volunteers for projects developed in Wales from our partners and in turn send volunteers to projects established by them in the country of origin. We work together with 56 partner organisations overseas to provide many types of projects in over 60 countries world-wide.

click here to see a list of partner countries.

UNA Exchange is a
registered charity/
Elusen Gofrestredig: 700760