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UNA Exchange calendar


18 Feb 05 20 Feb 05 North South Orientation

Before applying for projects on the North South Programme, you need to attend a North South Orientation.  Potential volunteers are required to attend an orientation event, regardless of their experience, to ensure that all volunteers are sufficiently and safely prepared.  We also think it is important for potential volunteers to have an opportunity to meet the staff of UNA Exchange and discuss project choices with them. 

The orientation weekend outlines the objectives of UNA Exchange and our partner organisations in the South and gives participants the opportunity to explore important themes concerning volunteering in the South, such as expectations, motiveation and cultural awareness.  

To apply for the Orientation weekend, please download the North South Questionnaire using the link below.  You can then print, complete and return the questionnaire to us.  You can indicate which orientation event is most suitable on the questionnaire.  The questionnaire expresses your interest in the programme only and helps us to stucture the orientation events to meet you needs as closely as possible.

If you have any questions about the North South programme or the orientation weekend, please contact Xenia at [email protected].


Venue: Temple of Peace, Cardiff

Contact: Sam Powell

Volunteer Type: International Volunteer Projects

North South Questionnaire