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UNA Exchange provides a varied programme of activities throughout the year, open to volunteers from both the UK and more than 30 countries. Activities are divided into two main programmes; short-term International Volunteer Projects and long-term European Voluntary Service projects. These projects are organised with partner organisations such as community groups, unitary authorities and voluntary organisations to provide a unique way in which to complete a task of work useful to the community. To join a project volunteers must be aged 18 or over.

During 2001/02 UNA Exchange will run 40 projects which will take place over the course of two project seasons; the summer season (July to September) and the winter/spring season (January to March) throughout Wales. These projects fall into two broad categories, environmental and social. Environmental projects could include conservation maintenance and improvement tasks on public footpaths, in country parks and woodlands whilst social projects support the work of local organisations. An example of which would be providing activities for children and young people and those with physical or learning disabilities.

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Key to the success of all UNA Exchange's projects is the co-ordinating role of group leaders who help to guide a project through its work as well as to ensure the wellbeing of volunteers and co-ordinate practical arrangements such as shopping,
free-time activities, cleaning duties etc.

UNA Exchange leaders are often volunteers who have previously participated in International Volunteer Projects overseas. To support their roles within the project, anyone interested in leading projects can attend a four-day training course held in Cardiff over the Easter weekend. Additional specialised training is also provided for leaders joining an environmental or play-scheme project.

For more information leading projects in Wales or leaders training, please contact Hannah Pitt in the UNA Exchange office (Email) or go to the contact page using the link below.
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