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how to use project search

Please read this page (or print it out) to help you use the project search. There are some new features such as printing searches, detailed below. All projects currently available on our main programme are listed on our project database.

Each project description contains information about the project dates, location, type of work, age range of volunteers and any special requirements.

You can search based on any combination of the following:

Programme - Enter Main Programme, North South or Wales. This gives you the range of countries available in our different programmes. Details of all main programme countries are currently on the database.

Country - Choose from the list of countries in each programme or you can choose to view all.

Date - Enter your prefered start and finish dates of your project. Make sure you enter the dates in the correct format (e.g. 01/apr/07).

Work type - Enter the type of work you are most interested in doing on your project. Work type is divided into Agriculture, Archaeology, Environmental, Construction, Renovation, Social, Cultural, Study and Other Projects.

Aged under 18 or 18+ - You can use this to search for those projects that are suitable for under 18s.

Keywords - You can search for any keyword (eg. festival, music etc). Also each project has a number of keywords to help you find exactly the kind of project you are looking for. They are abreviated as follows.

  • ARCH          Archaeology
  • RENO          Renovation
  • CONS          Construction and building work
  • ENVI            Environmental work
  • AGRI            Agricultural work
  • ARTS           Arts projects
  • FEST            Help organise festivals and community events
  • CHILD          Projects working with children
  • YOUTH        Work with young people
  • REFUGEE    Work with refugees
  • STUDY         Study projects
  • TEACH         Teaching

Many projects have two or more activities so you can use the keyword to search for these. For example, to find a project with environmental and construction work, enter Environmental in the Work type field and CONS in the Keywords field. You can use any word in the keyword search. Which can help if you are looking for a specific location, accomodation type or kind of work.  

project list

After searching you will get a list of available projects that match your search criteria. This list displays the most essential information to apply for a project.  This contains the project code, project name, Project Dates and Country, the number and age range of volunteers. If you click on the project name you will get more information about the project. We have used letter abbreviations in the project description as follows:

W: Work                               L: Location                        A: Accomodation

R: Special Requirements        +F: Additional Fees             

If you would prefer to browse the whole list then you can also view all projects. The list of projects will then be categorised by country with the countries displayed in alphabetical order. Clicking on the country name will also give you some information about countries and partner organisations.

Printing searches

This is a new function of the project search page. You can print out searches by printing from your browser window or view the search in print preview.  Searches will be displayed as a list of project matching your criteria with the project descriptions included.

to apply

Once you find the projects you are interested in applying for, note down the project code, project name and region, for each one. You should try to find at least 3 possible choices to increase your chance of being successfully placed on a project. Whilst we try to keep the database as current as possible, the situation changes frequently and projects do fill up quickly.

You can then click on the apply link where more information on applying and a downloadable application form are available.

North South projects

Before applying for North South projects you need to attend an orientation weekend with us first. Please fill in North South questionnaire on apply page.

longer term volunteering

If you are looking for a longer project (1-6 months) you should see the list available on the Medium Term Volunteering page. There are also longer term volunteer opportunities in Europe with European Voluntary Service. For more information see EVS long term page.