What kind of project can you do?

There are lots of different types of project to choose from:


Any project helping to protect the environment.  You could be making footpaths, planting trees, helping clean up beaches, even volunteering at an elephant sanctuary! 


Renovating community buildings (e.g. health centres) or historical buildings, such as traditional round-houses.


Working with children, young people, elderly people, or people with disabilities. An example is a project in which you support Belgian adults with learning difficulties to go on holiday to the seaside.


Supporting archaeological research digs. Work could include site clearance, cataloguing, and recording.


Creative projects such as helping to set and run a music festival, community arts activities like making a graffiti mural, music projects, and sports activities.


A project focused on teaching, examples are teaching English and raising awareness of HIV / AIDS in Africa.

Family Volunteering

A project where families can volunteer together. The work is suitable for adults and children and the accommodation is more comfortable than on standard projects. Families with children and teenagers can join.

Projects for older volunteers

A project with a specific minimum age (usually around 35/40+).


Anything that doesn’t fit within these categories like agricultural work, meditation & yoga, and study projects.  There’s even a project learning how to survive in the Finnish wilderness!


*Please note that the project examples we have used are all examples of previous volunteer projects, but that they may not be running this year.