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Code: LYVG21-11
Country: Georgia
Region: Kakheti
Title: Gathering the Grapes 1
Start date: 08 October 2011
End date: 22 October 2011
Project type: Cultural
Ages: 18 - 26
Partner organisation: LYVG
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: Georgia is considered to be one of the oldest homelands of viniculture in the world. It is believed that wine-making in Georgia has been practiced since the 3rd millennium BC. For many centuries wine remains one of the fascinating symbols of Georgian history and culture.

The vineyard and wine culture is very rich and is based on ancient traditions. Vineyards occupy about 38,000 ha of land. The most famous among them is the Tsinandali factory, which started operation back in 1865.

Working in this vineyard volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in most important event in Kakheti - gathering of grapes - and in the wine making process (grape extraction). The main purpose of the camp is to give the volunteers an opportunity to participate in the process of winemaking.
Location: Kakheti region is situated in the Alazani Valley, 415 m above sea level, and 110 km east of the nation's capital Tbilisi.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be staying in a two floor village house with kitchen on the first floor, 3 bedrooms (3x2), bathroom and toilet (inside or outside), balcony and two more bedrooms on the second floor. Sleeping bags are required.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Batumi or Tbilisi ; SPECIAL REMARKS : None ; STUDY THEME : None ; EXTRA FEE : 230 Euro to be paid on arrival at the project. This money is divided between provided food and accommodation for the volunteers on the camp and the running costs of LYVG.

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