How Much Will My Project Cost? 


All 2-week projects on our main database have an arrangement fee of £299. Apart from this, you just need to get to the project meeting point, take out travel insurance (very highly recommended), and organise your visas and vaccinations if necessary. Some projects do charge an additional fee, usually payable on arrival so look out for it in the project details. Of course your travel adventure before and after the project is entirely up to you but most volunteers take the opportunity to spend time to explore the country with the help of new found friends and language skills.


Of course, we also offer more than just 2-week projects and fees differ accordingly. If you’re wondering where your fee goes, take a look at our FAQ page for more information. 


As you can see in the table below, the cost of a project can mount up, but don’t despair… Where you volunteer will be the deciding factor in whether or not your project is affordable. It goes without saying that it’s going top be far more expensive to get to East Asia than it will to get to Belgium, so keep your budget in mind when applying to volunteer with us. We also recommend that, wherever possible, to take a bus or train to your project. Buses are very affordable these days and you can get to most countries in Europe for under £100 return. However, we know that the bus isn’t always a practical option, so for cheaper flights, visit 


We often get asked, are flights included in the fee? No, they’re not. We wish that we could charge volunteers £299 for a project plus their flight to Mexico or Indonesia or Costa Rica but we are a small charity. All the money that we make is redirected back into next year’s budget in order to help others to have a great experience like you’ve had this year. Bear in mind, though, we do differ from the vast majority of ‘voluntourism’ companies who charge a lot more for their projects. The difference is that their projects are packaged up, but we believe that half the experience of volunteering through UNA Exchange is that you gain more from booking your own travel and visas and from the down-to-earth ethos of our projects. We are, after all, a peace organisation; we don’t - and never will - profess to ‘fix’ communities. Overall, we’re the cheaper, friendlier - but by no means the lesser - option. 



Workcamp (2 to 3 week project)£299 fee + travel + insurance + visas (where necessary)
Discounted price for two Workcamps when booked at the same time      £500 fee + travel + insurance + visas (where necessary)
Mid-term project (1-3 months) £299 fee + travel + insurance + visas (where necessary)
Long-term project (3-6 months) £325 fee + travel + insurance + visas (where necessary)

Long-term project (6-12 months)

£350 fee + travel + insurance + visas (where necessary)