About volunteering abroadWhat is a workcamp?

UNA Exchange workcamps offer affordable, 2-4 week international volunteering opportunities worldwide. Through our international partners we offer over 1,300 projects from renovating a castle in Slovakia to turtle conservation in Mexico. We only work with other non-profit organisations who offer projects based on a real need within a community. As well as doing fantastic community-based volunteer work, participants have an opportunity to live and work as part of an international team for a few weeks. In this way volunteers build new friendships, increase intercultural understanding and personal development. Oh, and everyone has a lot of fun along the way. We aim to keep the costs of volunteering as low as possible to ensure an incredible experience is waiting for everyone.
I have never learnt so much in two weeks as I did that time. Alex, assistant festival organiser in Spain

What can I do on a workcamp?


Workcamps involve a group of international volunteers living and working together to support a local community project in their chosen country. This may be an environmental or renovation project, working with kids, youth or the elderly, contributing to community arts or helping to run a festival. With over 1,300 projects to choose from there are no limits to what you can do.

Who are workcamps for?

Most of our projects are open to anyone currently resident in the UK and aged 18 or older. There is no upper age limit! We also offer a number of very popular teen projects for 16-17 year olds. If you are interested in international volunteering, have an open mind, a sense of adventure and want to learn about the world then workcamps are for you. search-for-volunteering-projects

Where can I go on a workcamp?

We offer international volunteering opportunities on projects in over 60 countries worldwide. Many are in Europe but we also have partners in Japan, Southeast Asia, North America, South America and Africa. So get inspired and start exploring - you really do have the world to choose from.

How much does a workcamp cost?

Cost of the program is £299. You’ll have pay for your own travel, however we are happy to recommend easy and cheap transportation means *If you are unable to pay this kind of money, we can provide you with training on fundraising - it’s a fun a gratifying experience that’ll give your future CV an extra shine -  contact Emma Payne [email protected] for more information. All projects have an arrangement fee of £299 covering all food and accommodation. Apart from this, you just need to get to the project meeting point, take out travel insurance (very highly recommended), and organise your visas and vaccinations if necessary. Some projects do charge an additional fee, usually payable on arrival so look out for it in the project details. Of course your travel adventure before and after the project is entirely up to you but most volunteers take the opportunity to spend time to explore the country with the help of new found friends and language skills. Included in your fee:
  • Training - Our training is second to none.
We make sure you’re prepared before you take off on your adventure with our pre-departure training. And for those of you raising funds, we even have new fundraising training to help you reach your goal.
  • Support - Our support is top notch.
You can chat with us over social media or face to face. Or you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions on our website. When you’re abroad, you’re never alone.
  • Swag - Our swag is the best.
When you volunteer with UNA Exchange, we make sure you look the business. All volunteers travel out with a comfy T-shirt, ready for a selfie to help commemorate what is a life changing experience.  

“My volunteering experience was life changing for me. I’ve learned to be humble, open to new experiences and willingness to try new things. I started to have much more appreciation towards nature and the little things in life.”


How do I apply?

First choose your dream project! Follow the link to access our database, the wider the search the more international volunteering possibilities you will discover. Places are limited and the most popular projects and destinations fill up quickly so don’t delay. Please feel free to call or email [email protected] if you have any questions about your adventure, our experienced team we will be delighted to help!


For more information

Check out UNA Exchange workcamp handbook for everything you might ever want to know about international volunteering. COMING SOON If you still can’t find what you need then please get in touch.

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