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Code: SJ71-12
Country: France
Region: Montendre
Title: Montendre Castle
Start date: 04 September 2012
End date: 25 September 2012
Project type: Construction
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: Solidarites Jeunesses
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £150.00 find out about costing
Work: The town of Montendre would like to develop its castle. Volunteers will work on the ramparts of the castle. The technical objective of this construction site will be traditional works of masonry, for example taking off the joints from the wall, digging the joints then to re-point in the mortar of lime in the ramparts. In regards to the animation it will aim at the exchange the cultural richness of the volunteers with the young people, the inhabitants and the associations of Montendre by proposing intercultural animations in various places (schools, castle, associations). You will participate and will also lead in the national days of the heritage (opening of all the buildings of the heritage of France).
Location: Montendre, 75km from the ocean, between Bordeaux and Angouleme.
Accommodation: dormitory in the hosting center La Maison des Bateleurs.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Montendre. ; STUDY THEME : n/a. ; SPECIAL REMARKS : Volunteers should bring a sleeping bag. ; EXTRA FEE : n/a.

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