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Code: ISL10-14
Country: Slovakia
Region: BARLICKA 2
Start date: 27 July 2014
End date: 09 August 2014
Project type: Education
Ages: 18 - 70
Partner organisation: SJ Vietnam
UNA Exchange Placement Fee: £210.00 find out about costing
Work: Association Barlicka (Little crutch) has been working with young people with physical disabilities since 1999. Barlicka created a centre for helping its clients to live independently and it has been offering activities of daily social centre, practical school, courses (theatre, dance, music, PC, etc.) as well as centre for mothers. Services for elderly people in centre were added in 2011. The workcamp is organized in Barlicka centre for the second time as the previous year was big success and the seniors enjoyed the activities of the volunteers. Organize free time activities for elderly clients of NGO Barlicka. The activities for clients will be organized during the daily summer camp for the clients - summer activities, little trips, competitions, games. The volunteers will use the activities of non-formal education and will create activities about ecology.
Location: The camp will be organized directly in city of Presov - the 3rd biggest city in Slovakia on the East part. The volunteers could enjoy old historical centre, castles around Presov and the cultural life in the city.
Accommodation: Lodging will be provided directly in the centre of the NGO Barlicka on beds. Sleeping bag is needed. Volunteers will be in charge of preparing the food. Vegetarian catering is possible.
Special remarks: TERMINAL : Airport - Vienna, Bratislava, Kosice; then train or bus to Presov. ; STUDY THEME : Educational. ; SPECIAL REMARKS: Bring sleeping bag, swimming suit, some info, materials and pictures of your country, material which you could use in your workshop for elderly clients, musical instrument to play nice music, some ideas for children games, your enthusiasm and smile on your face :) Attention: MOTIVATION LETTER IS NEEDED. For more info about BARLICK

Accommodation: ; EXTRA FEE : N/A.

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