EVS Opportunity in a Montessori School in Germany

If you are interested in gaining experience working with children in an inclusive setting, this long term volunteering project in Germany will provide you with an opportunity to get to know the materials and pedagogy of the Montessori school. 



Project: Montessori Würzburg

The project will take place in Wurzberg, Germany. The successful candidate will volunteer with the Montessori Würzburg school and gain an understanding of the materials and pedagogy of the Montessori approach. Some of the activities the volunteer will help with will include

  • cooking and baking workshops with dishes from volunteers ‘home,
  • plays and theater in English and French,
  • making music with the pupils,
  • teaching traditional dances from the home countries of volunteers,
  • conversation workshops in English and in French, and
  • accompanying small groups of children during school- exchanges in Europe

More information can be found here.

When does the project start? ASAP - 08.09.17 (11 or 12 month)

What does it cost? This project is a European Voluntary Service project under the Erasmus + programme and therefore fully funded through the European Commission.

Except for the travel, you may have to contribute towards some or all of your travel costs to this project as it is a replacement for a volunteer who fell ill and therefore the budget has been used up.

Who can apply? Anyone aged 18-30 at time of application, UK resident before and after departure, valid passport for at least 6 months year after end of activity.  No criminal records.

How can I apply

  1. Please send a CV and Motivational Letter to Manuela Dillenz at [email protected]

Deadline: ASAP