Schools and youth services


UNA Exchange’s vision is of a world that seeks cooperation, celebrates diversity and creates opportunity.

Our mission is to promote peace, mutual understanding and personal development by providing international volunteering opportunities for young people.

We offer a range of ‘off the shelf’ or tailor-made workshops which promote our values in schools, colleges, universities and youth centres with the aim of inspiring young people to participate in international volunteering activities with us or any similar organisations.

Our workshops are aimed primarily at 16-18 year olds but we are very happy to consider working with all ages. The sessions can take the form of a brief assembly, a PSHE lesson or be geared to particular topic in a school or university session.

We also seek to form partnerships with schools and colleges to offer a range of programmes and give advice on volunteering, education and training opportunities that arise in the UK and across Europe, many of which are part or fully funded. Typical workshops include:


International Volunteering - Why travel abroad? Why volunteer? Why volunteer abroad?

Our inspiring and thought provoking workshops will give students a chance to reflect on the nature of volunteering and the benefits it brings, not only to the host community but to the volunteers themselves in terms of new skills, new perspectives and the opportunity to stand out from the crowd when applying for study and employment. This objective discussion also looks at some possible pitfalls and issues relating to volunteering abroad. Students can decide if this is something for them and what their next steps could be.


Celebrating Diversity

This workshop explores the way people are different throughout Wales, the UK and around the World and the richness that brings to life. It also considers the issues that these differences raise and some of the challenges this poses for society. We explore how as an individual in a local, national or global community we should look beyond easy classifications and see the person and their story as a means to promoting peace, international understanding and cooperation.

This workshop will challenge preconceptions and explore attitudes using real life scenarios.


For more information contact info@unaexchange or call 02920 223088.