Weekend projects

weekend-workcamps-EVSUNA Exchange is all about building peace and intercultural understanding by providing international volunteering opportunities. Much of our work involves sending young people from Wales to other countries.

This year we are looking at celebrating and diversity within Wales and getting people living in Wales to volunteer in Wales with an all new Winter Works programme.

Most projects will start on Friday evening and run to late Sunday afternoon. Volunteers will meet at a bus or train station close to the project and all food, accommodation and social needs are included.

We aim to bring people together from a wide range of backgrounds and to provide an opportunity to learn about different cultures and attitudes.

We want the weekends to be as inclusive as possible so they are highly affordable with the price being only £10 for a volunteering weekend which is to cover food. If you find it difficult to find the money or need equipment or warm clothes then get in touch. We will definitely be able to help.


Winter Works programme 2015/16

Get Volunteering

weekend-volunteering-camps-walesWe are running three residential weekends based at Little Bryn Gwyn, a Valleys Kids residential centre on Gower. The weekend will involve a range of work on improving a residential centre for young people with fewer opportunities from the South Wales Valleys. Closest station: Swansea

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 19/2-21/2 2016

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  25/3-28/3 2016

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 8/4-10/4 2016

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Celebrating Diversity weekend

Explore issues relating to cross-cultural understanding, dealing with discrimination and prejudice, along with some great volunteering opportunities. Closest station: Barry.

Dates: TBC

Leaders Training weekend

Preparation weekend for volunteers interested in leading projects in Wales and overseas during the Summer. This is  a hands-on programme which  includes a mix of training and volunteering. Closest station: Barry.

Dates: 22nd – 24 April 2016

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