Privacy Policy

UNA Exchange is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of the personal data of our volunteers and supporters by meeting our obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation that also came into effect in May 2018. This statement explains how we will collect, use and disclose information. Since it may be updated from time to time, do please check back periodically to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy was last reviewed in May 2018.

Why we collect personal data

UNA Exchange will only collect data that is relevant to the carrying out of the legitimate purposes and functions of the charity in a way that is not prejudicial to the interests of individuals.

We collect personal data for the following purposes:

  • To process applications to participate in international volunteering projects (both overseas and in Wales): ‘sensitive’ data (including health information) will be held only with your knowledge and consent.
  • To administer and enhance our website: with your data, we can improve your browsing experience and use of the services available.
  • To enable us to communicate with you: with your consent, we may contact you with general information, newsletters and other marketing communications that may be of interest to you (you have the right to opt-out of these communications at any time).
  • To provide trusted third parties with statistics (including funders and regulators): personal information is aggregated and anonymised and cannot be traced back to you.
  • To deal with enquiries you make to us about our services.

Whenever data is first collected which might be used for any marketing purpose, this purpose will be made clear, and you will be given a clear opt-out option.

Where we collect personal data

The data we collect may have come from you directly (in person, by email or telephone), from our website (if you have submitted a form) or from a partner organisation (where required to manage incoming and outgoing volunteers).

What personal data we collect

Disclosure of personal data


We take seriously the security of the personal information of our volunteers and supporters and take all reasonable steps to ensure your data is securely stored.

Only authorised personnel are able to access your personal information and all personal information is transferred using secure processes. Our processes and systems are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain secure.

We only hold your personal information for as long as is necessary for us to administer our relationship with you.

When we dispose of your information, it will always be done so securely.


We will only contact you for marketing communications if you have told us that we can.

You can find out what personal information we hold about you and update this at any time. You can also request the removal of your personal information from our records. To do so, please email

Further information

Please be aware that some of our web pages contain links to other web sites where we think those sites may provide information of interest to our readers. We have no liability for those sites and users are advised to check the privacy policy on those sites if they have any concerns.

To find out more about your personal data protection rights, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

UNA Exchange is not registered with the ICO since we are a not-for-profit organisation and qualify for exemption.