A Fun Guide For Long-Term Volunteers

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Dear friends, welcome to a guide on long-term volunteering. Here we’ve gathered a bunch of advice, anecdotes and case studies that will help you to use your Erasmus+ voluntary experience to it’s fullest. Based on true story of UNA Exchange’s communication officer Viktoria Grivina and her Year of Luck.


  1. Choosing EVS in 5 Steps
  2. Amazing Films to Prepare You for Volunteering
  3. 20 Kilos of My Life: How to Pack for a Year of Volunteering
  4. How EVS Can Help Choose a Career
  5. EVS in Wales: Survival Guide
  6. EVS and Days Off – Bohemian Trip
  7. EVS and two months of Christmas: France
  8. EVS and two months of Christmas: UK
  9. A Day in Glasgow with EVS Scotland
  10. Volunteering at an organic farm in Wales
  11. Volunteering at Glastonbury Festival
  12. Story of Detention Action Volunteer about Life Conditions in a UK Detention Centre

2 Urgent EVS Vacancies in Belgium


Vacancy: EVS volunteer for ‘Global Reboot’ is looking for 1 volunteer to help with
communications and 1 volunteer to work in education! 

Program duration: 12 months starting 13 September 2017.

Deadlines to Apply: 31 July 2017.

About the initiative: 

CATAPA – Comité Académico Técnico de Asesoramiento a Problemas Ambientales , literally Technical Academic Committee for Assistance on Environmental Issues– is a volunteer organization in Belgium.

We are active in the fields of globalization and sustainable development in Latin America and focus on the problems caused by modern open pit mining (ecological disasters, human rights violations, etc.). We support local communities threatened by multinational mining corporations. The mining industry’s impact on the social, economic, cultural and ecological level is often disastrous and fundamentally unjust.

We aim to alter these structural causes of poverty and exclusion by forming a resolute front with the social society in the North and South. We have partner organizations in three Latin American countries (Bolivia, Colombia and Peru).

CATAPA was founded in 2005. We are about 100 young volunteers and over 1000 subscribers strong. We offer a specific, action bound commitment for anyone who believes that another world is possible. By raising awareness, networking, research, lobbying and exchange we intend to make the mining industry as well as the consumption of metals more just for man and environment.




Please send your CV and motivation letter to info@catapa.be before 31st July 2017.
If you have any questions concerning this vacancy, don’t hesitate to email to
karolien.burvenich@catapa.be or call +32 494453067.

2 EVS Vacancies in Barcelona

barcelona-august-deadlineCOCAT is looking for 2 European Volunteers for a 10 months EVS project in Barcelona!
Our main goal is to promote international volunteering, understood as a tool for personal and community development and social transformation.
We promote international volunteering mainly in 2 ways:
– Sending Catalan volunteers to the world to do workcamps, mid and long term projects (also EVS), trainings, youth exchanges, etc…
– Hosting international volunteers in the workcamp projects that our member organisations organize.
We are really concerned about inequalities and environmental issues, that’s why:
– We support youngsters with fewer opportunities so that they can also participate in this kind of experiences
– We promote sustainable practices both in the projects in Catalunya and in the travels our volunteers do to their projects.
The role of the volunteers who will participate in our EVS project will be to support the incoming and outgoing volunteering areas and to be in charge of communication. It means one of the volunteers will be supporting the work that is done to host volunteers (incoming) and the other one will be supporting the work that is done to send volunteers (outgoing). Both will be promoting international voluntary service producing informative material, participating in informative sessions, updating the web and the social networks and publishing articles and posts in our website.

Please have a look at this description:http://bit.ly/2rVoj7j

How to apply?
1. After reading the description, take your time to fill in this on-line questionnaire: http://bit.ly/2swiTAX
You can answer it in Catalan/Spanish if you feel like you are able to. 

2. Send your CV to voluntariat.ltv@cocat.org 

Mail subject should be: “EVS COCAT February 2018”
Deadline for applications: 01/08/2017


7 EVS Vacancies in Belgium


Compagnons Bâtisseurs Belgium (CBB) – a Youth Organization recognized by the French Community of Belgium is looking for 7 motivated volunteers aged 18-30 to take part in a 12-months project connected with youth work, promoting anti-discrimination and European awareness. 

Projects will take place in the town of Marche-en-Famenne or in Liège city.


See detailed description of each project in the files attached:

  1. Promoting European awareness and anti discrimination with The Association of Compagnons Bâtisseurs: EVS CBB august deadline
  2. Youth Leisure and European awareness with La Maison des Jeunes (MJ) / the Youth Club: EVS Maison de Jeunes – august deadline
  3. Activities for early-school leavers and work with disadvantaged at Micados centre: EVS MICADOS – august deadline
  4. Artistic workshops and creativity with youth and children at Le Terrain d’Aventure du Péri: EVS Terrain d’Aventure du Péri august deadline
  5. Organisation of trainings on climate awareness for disadvantaged people at The CFP (Centre de formation professionnelle –Professional Training Centre): EVS CFP – august deadline
  6. Helping young adults with disabilities at Service Renforts: EVS Service Renforts – august deadline



(A general motivation about EVS program is not enough).






Have you ever felt like you want to volunteer abroad but don’t know where to start?

We know this is often how young people feel. That’s why we’ve been making some exciting changes at UNA Exchange to our already first-rate service.

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Eco EVS in Menorca

If you are interested in learning about environment and plant gardening, this EVS opportunity on the island of Menorca is a great chance to really make a difference, gain working experience, meet new friends and feel the beauty of nature.
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EVS Menorca – Environment

If you are interested in learning about environment, this EVS opportunity on the island of Menorca is a great chance to really make a difference, gain working experience, meet new friends and feel the beauty of nature.
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