About volunteering abroad

volunteer-groups-walesUNA Exchange provides opportunities for young people from Wales and the rest of the UK to have incredible experiences volunteering abroad, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas.

International volunteering provides amazing opportunities for personal development by building new skills and delivering experiences that enrich lives while making participants more attractive to future employers

Most importantly for us, though, volunteering is a way of promoting peace and intercultural understanding between people of different backgrounds. By coming together and working as part of an international team on a local community project or with a non-profit organisation, volunteers can learn about different cultures, attitudes and ways of living and these interactions help to break down prejudice and discrimination and encourage cooperation and mobility.

We offer a range of pathways into international volunteering which are summarised below (follow the links to find out more). If you have any questions about any aspect of volunteering please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@unaexchange.org


Working as part of an international team, you will participate in an affordable, two- to four-week, community-based volunteering project. Through our international partners we offer over 1,300 projects worldwide from renovating castles in Slovakia, to turtle conservation in Mexico, to working with children in Japan.

Cost of the program is £299 which will cover your accommodation, food and local activities.*

You’ll have pay for your own travel, however we are happy to recommend easy and cheap transportation means)) 

*If you are unable to pay this kind of money, we can provide you with training on fundraising – it’s a brilliant and gratifying experience that’ll give your future CV an extra shine.

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Step by Step

construction-volunteering-walesThis programme offers supported, two-week to two-month volunteer projects across Europe, enabling young people with fewer opportunities to participate in life-changing experiences.

You will work to develop confidence and team work skills and to prepare for living and working abroad before setting off on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Medium and Long Term Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering abroad for between a month and a year, especially to a destination outside Europe then this could be the opportunity for you. These projects tend to be more flexible and provide an opportunity to spend an extended period of time immersing yourself in a new country, culture and language whilst making a valuable contribution to a local community.

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European Voluntary Service

EVS offers a fully funded, two- to twelve-month volunteer experience abroad working with a non-profit organisation. Learn new skills and make new friends whilst getting to know another country, culture and language.

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Group projects

Group projects offer a team of young people the opportunity to travel overseas and participate in a volunteering and cultural experience, tailor-made to their specific interests, budget and time commitment. 

This type of project is ideally suited to members of youth and community organisations, as well as educational institutes, looking to find projects consistent with theirinterests and activities at home and build partnerships overseas while having an incredible experience.

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