Receive Training

We provide preparation/training to around 200 volunteers each year, supporting them to get the most from their experiences. The following training events are offered to support key programme areas within UNA Exchange. Click on the links below for further information:

  • North South Preparation/Training: Four times per year. To prepare volunteers for Short Term Group Projects or Medium/Long Term Projects in the Global South (Africa, Asia, Latin America)
  • Leaders Training: Once a year over the Easter weekend. To prepare volunteers to lead International Volunteer Projects in Wales
  • Training for Trainers: Once a year in December. To prepare volunteers to plan and deliver future training programmes
  • Global Learning Training: Once a year in early summer. To prepare volunteers (particularly leaders) to facilitate Global Education activities.

"At the end of a UNA Exchange training course, I feel completely exhausted but at the same time I come away with inspiration and extra energy. I leave with the knowledge that what we've done is both a great learning experience and has made me reassess my values and priorities in life."

North South Preparation/Training

When: Four times per year. The dates for 2010 are:

27 March (one day)      (Confirmation Slip)
04/05/06 June            (Confirmation Slip)
30/31/01 July / Aug     (Confirmation Slip)
16 October (one day)   (Confirmation Slip)

Venue: Temple of Peace, Cardiff
Content: Cultural awareness, development awareness, Returned Volunteers, teamwork, Health & Safety
Participants: 10-20
Cost: £30
Contact: Owain Iorwerth for more information

If you want to participate in a Short Term Group Project or Medium/Long Term Project in the global South (Africa, Asia, Latin America), you will need to participate in one of the North-South weekends. We take a look at what volunteering in the global South might be like, what you can (and can’t) expect and we give you the chance to talk to people who have recently experienced it. You will get the chance to examine your motivations and expectations for doing a project in the South and to consider ways of making the most of your experience. Click here to download more information.

Leaders Training

When: Easter weekend, Thursday evening to Monday afternoon, 1st-5th April 2010
Venue: Amelia Trust Farm, near Barry
Content: Leadership skills, cultural awareness, team-building, communication skills, Health & Safety, managing problems, practical planning
Participants: 20-25
Cost: £30
Contact:Vicky for more information

If you have volunteered before, why not push yourself a bit further and take on the responsibility for leading an international group in Wales during the summer? The Leaders Training course is packed full of important, stimulating, useful and fun content from the moment you wake up until you fall into bed at the end of each day! The course aims to look at the range of skills you need to manage a group for two weeks, to support you to find those skills in yourself and to build up your confidence.

Training for Trainers

When: December each year.
Venue: Temple of Peace, Cardiff
Content: Project management, communication and presentation skills, facilitating groupwork, managing evaluation and feedback 
Participants: 15-20
Cost: £20
Contact: Owain Iorwerth for more information

All UNA Exchange training events are planned and delivered by teams made up of mainly volunteers and always with a staff member acting as a team member. The Training for Trainers (TfT) course aims to give you the skills and confidence to be a trainer with UNA Exchange. Becoming a trainer is a great way of developing your skills and working as a part of UNA Exchange from the inside. It is a big commitment, but is also great fun. 

Global Learning Training

When: Early summer.
Venue: Temple of Peace, Cardiff
Content: Global awareness, organising community activities, sustainable development, volunteering values
Participants: 15-20
Cost: £20
Contact: Helen for more information

The Global Learning Training builds on the UNA Exchange Leaders Training and aims to improve the quality and impact of UNA Exchange projects in Wales. It enables leaders and volunteers to look deeper into the aims of international volunteering and at how projects can be a tool for promoting sustainable development. This training enables participants to run fun global activities with your international volunteers that maximise links with local people and enable them to get as much benefit from the international volunteers as possible. Running activities on your International Volunteer Project (IVP) is a great way to engage the international volunteers with the local community. This helps to realise the overall aim of international projects – to bring people from different cultures together and give them the chance to have meaningful and positive contact.