Five reasons to become a member of UNA Exchange:

  • Become part of an international network of people who enjoy volunteering. The number of contacts you’ll make will amaze you. You’ll never be short of a place to stay when you travel abroad, and the friendships made will last forever.


  • Develop your skills by becoming a project leader or trainer. Lots of our members have become experienced project leaders and trainers for the organisation. For many, the skills and confidence gained by these experiences have proven considerably beneficial when applying for jobs.


  • Have the opportunity to participate in international events, such as youth exchanges and seminars. UNA Exchange members get exclusive information about upcoming international events that they have the opportunity to attend as representatives of the organisation.  


  • Play your part in shaping the future direction of UNA Exchange. All members get voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Many of our most active members are now on the Executive Committee of UNA Exchange, where they play a central role in the running of the organisation.


  • Contribute to the future stability of UNA Exchange. Your membership fee contributes to the income of the organisation. The number of members we have helps us to apply for funds from grant-givers, as it demonstrates that people care if we exist!

The annual subscription cost is £12. Click here to download a membership form.