Executive Committee

UNA Exchange is a membership organisation. Our membership, therefore, is crucial in terms of both our identity as a voluntary organisation/charity and the importance we place on participation by our individuals members. Through the Annual General Meeting our membership makes decisions about how the organisation should be run and elects an Executive Committee (EC) and a team of EC officers to represent them.

UNA Exchange is governed by a constitution, which contains certain rules and procedures which must be adhered to. The Executive Committee, which by virtue of its election by the membership has legal responsibility for the organisation, must work by the guidance held within the constitution. It is, however, the members who own UNA Exchange, we would not legally exist without them, and any changes to the organisation must first be agreed by them (and then by the Charity Commission.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually held each Autumn, the members are responsible for electing individuals to the Executive Committee (EC), which manages the organisation and the staff. The EC must report to the AGM on its activities over the previous 12 months and propose its plans for the following year.

The EC meets six times a year to discuss issues such as strategy, staffing, finance, fundraising and communications. These meetings are all open to UNA Exchange staff, members and observers should they wish to attend.

The EC strives to make our meetings and the running of the EC participative, empowering and fun to ensure that it reflects and sets the culture and values of the rest of the organisation.

Please email Sheila Smith to find out how to become an Executive Committee member of UNA Exchange.