Step by Step Programme


Step by Step is a youth volunteering project run by UNA Exchange and funded by the Ferguson Trust, GwirVol (a partnership between the third, public and private sectors which exists to take forward the recommendations of the Russell Commission and is led by the views of young people in Wales) and the European Commission’s Youth In Action Programme. 

The project, which is now in its third year, will give young people the chance to take part in a structured programme of global learning, which will include joining a volunteer project abroad, international volunteering activities in Wales, and sharing their international experiences with others in their local communities.  

Each year the project works with over 30 young people from areas including Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil / RCT, Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Conwy.  These young people are aged between 16 and 25 and from mixed backgrounds.  

All young people joining this project must be supported by partner organisations working with the target communities.  Each person joining the programme must submit an application to UNA Exchange, supported by a project partner (e.g. youth/community worker). We will then select participants on the basis of their suitability for the programme and our need to create as balanced a group as possible. The young people joining this programme do not have to have previous experience of volunteering / travel, but they do need to be currently involved in activities run by one of the project partners. 

The overseas project will last between 2 – 3 weeks, however this is only one component of the overall project which will include preparation activities and work on their return to Wales. The total time we expect participants to be engaged in project activities will be variable, but typically between 3 – 6 months. However, this will be designed so that they can easily be fitted in with study / work commitments.

If you are interested in being a partner in this project, with responsibility for recruiting and supporting young people to join this exciting programme, we will arrange to have a meeting with you as soon as possible to explain the project in more detail.  Please contact Georgie or Sarah on the details below:   

[email protected]
Tel: 029 2022 3088

Funders for this project:

Ferguson Trust: www.fergusontrust.co.uk

Gwirvol: www.gwirvol.org

European Commission’s Youth In Action Programme










This project has been funded with support from the European Commission and British Council.
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Step by Step to Ghana

Ashleigh Williams, Stacey Griffiths and David Davies travelled to Ghana in October 2009 to volunteer with EVS through the UNA Exchange Step by Step project.  Then on Friday 29th January they wowed us with an action-packed evening featuring stories from their time there!

The hall was decorated in the colours of the Ghanaian flag – red, yellow, green and black.  Flags draped on the walls and balloons of each colour waved above every table.  There were also handmade coasters showing Ghanaian symbols on one side and a word and definition from one of the languages of Ghana on the other.  Furthermore, mini flags provided facts about Ghanaian culture.  

The young people showed photos whilst informing us about their time in Ghana.  They showed great confidence in front of an audience delivering their presentation.  We heard happy, moving and funny and inspiring stories which made us realise how much they had gained from this experience.  In Ghana, the young people together with other volunteers acted as facilitators of creative workshops for children with fewer opportunities in areas such as drama, dancing, painting and drawing.  The volunteers also took part in interviews for radio channels in Ghana.

The evening also featured African drumming by a local group, African dancing with authentic costumes, African singing as well as African cuisine which represented Ghana and other countries in Africa such as Nigeria.

The evening was extremely well planned and showed great community spirit with representatives from many local organisations including the Rhondda Cynon Taff Youth Service and Duke of Edinburgh scheme, police and teachers as well as family and friends of the young people at the event.

It was a wonderful evening and a fabulous demonstration of how EVS has changed the lives of these young people!