You don’t have to leave the UK to take part in international volunteering; UNA Exchange has an extensive programme of activities in Wales throughout the year. There are many ways for you to get involved in weekend projects , two-week group projects , occasional volunteering at global community events , supporting our training events or in the UNA Exchange office in Cardiff. We have a large training programme providing preparation for leading International Volunteer Projects , for volunteers heading to developing countries and for those interested in becoming trainers.

All of our activities in Wales are international, so you could find yourself working with other volunteers from Africa, Asia, Europe, North or South America without travelling very far or spending too much time away from home.

Volunteering with UNA Exchange in Wales can open the door to a whole world (literally) of opportunities to develop your skills and meet lots of new friends while doing something really useful for a local community. Check out the Volunteer Development Path Case Studies to see the journeys that some people have taken through UNA Exchange.

Through our programmes in Wales you could find yourself:

  • Learning about Wales: most of our work takes place in small communities that you probably wouldn’t visit otherwise; it’s a great chance to feel the warmth and welcome whilst learning more about the cultures of Wales
  • Learning about yourself: being with people from other countries makes you more aware of your own culture, heritage and values
  • Developing new working skills: whether you’re building an outdoor classroom, constructing a footbridge or leading play activities with children, you will gain a whole range of new and valuable practical skills
  • Developing your confidence: when you begin to take on more responsibilities you will learn more about how groups work, how to motivate people, how to deal with problems and how to work as part of an international team – all great skills which boost your confidence
  • Learning about the world: there is no better way to learn about the world than through people from other countries – tasting different foods, learning other languages or sharing experiences about our lives is more fun than reading it in books!

Please note, if you are not resident in the UK you cannot apply directly for a project in Wales; you need to come through one of our international partner organisations. To find a partner organisation in your country click here .