The ease with which any young person can get involved with UNA Exchange. For some potential volunteers there are barriers to participation such as lack of information, family issues, financial constraints, physical disabilities. In our work we try to encourage all young people to be involved.


We belong to various networks or are members of certain organisations. We decide to associate ourselves and be involved with relevant organisations; those that share similar goals and values, those with whom we can work together to raise awareness or tackle specific issues, those that represent our sector.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An Annual General Meeting is a formal ‘business’ meeting held once a year to which all members are invited to accept financial and activity reports from the previous 12 months and approve plans and budgets for the forthcoming year. It is the AGM which elects the Executive Committee each year. We are required by Charity Law to hold an AGM once every calendar year. The UNA Exchange AGM is usually held in the Autumn and combined with and end of year Volunteers Weekend. Check the Calendar to see when the next AGM will be held.


The founding, legal document which states the Aims and Objectives of the organisation. The constitution must be approved by the Charity Commission before an organisation can begin operating. Our constitution was formally adopted in 1989.

Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS)

Created by UNESCO in 1948, CCIVS is an International Non-Governmental Organisation with members in almost 100 countries worldwide. The role of CCIVS is to provide global and regional co-ordination of its members who are linked through a series of independent volunteer exchange networks. UNA Exchange has been a member since 1973. More information at www.unesco.org/ccivs .

European Voluntary Service (EVS)

A programme of the European Commission, part of the Youth in Action Programme. EVS provides opportunities and support for young people aged 18-30 to volunteers for between two and 12 months in another country. UNA Exchange hosts and sends EVS volunteers.

Executive Committee (EC)

The elected body of Legal Trustees who are appointed by the Annual General Meeting to manage the organisation, its staff and resources for the following year. The UNA Exchange EC meets six times per year.

Extending Entitlement

Extending Entitlement is  the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy for youthwork in Wales. It aims to ensure that youth work in Wales is accessible, responsive and relevant to young people across the country. Click here to see how our work meets the ten Entitlements.


Fairtrade products guarantee the farmers/growers have been paid a fairer price for their produce than is usually the case. The producers usually employ more environmentally sustainable farming methods (which ultimately give the farmers and their communities a more stable future) so you are often getting a better product. Buying Fairtrade where possible contributes to a fairer world so you can do your bit for international development very easily.


The organisation and the persons who arrange a volunteering activity in their community. The host provides the work programme and supports/manages the progress for the duration of the project. They also provide the food and accommodation for volunteers.

International Volunteer Projects (IVPs)

A group of between five and 20 people from different countries who live and work together on a project of value to the local community. Cultural exchange is a key goal of an IVP – between the participants in the group and between the group and the local community. Also known as Short-Term Group Projects.


An individual voluntarily choosing to associate themselves with an organisation, usually paying a subscription, becomes a member of that group. They then have both a right and a responsibility to contribute to the decision-making of the organisation. UNA Exchange has a membership of approximately 250 individuals.


Our programme involving volunteers participating in projects in the global South (Africa, Asia & Latin America).


A working relationship between two organisations. Almost all UNA Exchange activities are organised in partnership with others - community organisations across Wales and organisations in other countries with whom we exchange volunteers.

Registered Charity

An organisation that is recognised as having charitable objectives, for the benefit of the public and is regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. UNA Exchange is Registered Charity, number 700760.


Broadly speaking, the southern hemisphere - Africa, Asia (excluding the former Soviet Union, Turkey, South Korea and Japan) and Latin America.

United Nations Association (UNA)

UNA Exchange grew out of UNA in Wales in 1973. UNA is a political campaigning and lobbying organisation, pressing for awareness of international issues and for governments to abide by their obligations under the charter of the United Nations. More information can be found at www.una-uk.org1.

Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA)

The WCIA is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation also based at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff. It acts as an umbrella for UNA Exchange, CEWC Cymru2 and the UNA Welsh National Council. Click here for more information.

Youth Exchange

A youth exchange is a themed project for a specified number of young people intended to raise awareness of different cultures and backgrounds. It is normally made up of small groups of several nationalities, rather than a complete mix of international participants. The European Union’s Youth in Action Programme provides support and funding for youth exchanges.

Youth Work Curriculum Statement for Wales

A nationally recognised framework, originally drawn up by the Wales Youth Agency, to provide a set of standards and values to act as a guide for voluntary and statutory youth work across Wales. The four pillars of the Statement advocate that youth work should be Educative, Empowering , Expressive and Participative.