Volunteer Programmes

The scope of opportunities and experiences with UNA Exchange is vast.  Volunteers can access a package of ‘stepping stone’ opportunities that could start with a two week to 12 month project across the world, and lead to any number of interesting opportunities such as joining a cross continental team in the presentation of ‘global issue’ educational workshops in schools across Wales.

The activities of UNA Exchange are listed here:

Weekend Projects in Wales

We organise several two-day Weekend Projects in Wales each year which offer a taster for new volunteers and new host projects alike. With around ten other volunteers, you could find yourself planting organic vegetables, building a footbridge on a forest path or painting murals with a youth club. Click here for more.

International Volunteer Projects in Wales

We host around 23 International Volunteer Projects (IVPs) in Wales every year in partnership with community based organisations. These are two-week group projects involving environmental, social and cultural activities for 8-12 volunteers from all over the world. Click here for more.

International Volunteer Projects overseas

We arrange and support the placements of around 300 volunteers per year on International Volunteer Projects in more than 50 countries worldwide. The volunteers work on environmental, social and cultural projects with local people; the majority are two-three weeks projects but some last up to four months. Click here for more.

European Voluntary Service

We co-ordinate the hosting of around 20 young people per year from other European countries on long-term (up to one year) projects in Wales. We also send around 25 volunteers per year to long-term projects in other countries (mainly, but not only, European countries). Click here for more.

Global Education

We organise a programme of educational activities in schools, youth centres and the wider community which bring the international volunteers working in Wales into active and meaningful contact with local people. We also offer training in global awareness and host long term ‘global education volunteers’ from developing countries. Click here for more.


We provide training to approximately 200 young people each year. We train people to participate in projects in the global South, to become project leaders and trainers themselves, as well as to facilitate interactive global learning activities. Click here for more.

Inclusion, accessibility and youth work

We work on programmes to increase the participation of young people at risk of exclusion in volunteering activities in Wales and other countries.

A view of International Volunteering

"International volunteering gives young people the opportunity to find out as much about themselves as it does about other people and the world around them. With UNA Exchange, their views, opinions, responses and attitudes are all challenged by their experiences in a positive way, and with long term effect. New skills, relationships and lifestyles can develop within a supportive environment, and open up unlimited possibilities of discovery. That UNA Exchange is here in Wales is a golden opportunity for our young people to get involved, make a difference - and have fun!"
Kerry Rees, Youth & Community Worker, Rhondda Cynon Taff